Engage Today’s
Connected Traveler

Bandwango's cloud-based software empowers destination marketing organizations, of any size, to create and manage digital visitor passes.

Improve your visitors' experience, increase business performance, and elevate your destination above the competition.

Your Destination On Demand

Engage The Modern Traveler With a Re-imagined Visitor Experience.

Our simple platform enables a DMO to create an unlimited number of destination passes which increase visitation and revenue.

Dynamic Visitor Pass Management

Seamlessly create and manage customized digital destination passes to provide travelers with streamlined access to in-destination attractions, conventions and special events.

Simplified Attraction Administration

Onboard and manage attractions, promotions, and packages with intuitive and time efficient workflows that require no technical integration with legacy POSs.

Increased Per Visitor Revenue

Combine targeted spending incentives and packages with destination passes to drive deeper exposure to in-destination attractions and businesses.

Mobile Optimized Experience

Our flexible and secure framework allows travelers to browse, purchase, redeem, and share visitor passes on their mobile device. Or, if preferred, use their desktop computer to manage their purchases and/or create print-and-present vouchers.

Targeted Communications
Engage, Support And Convert

Use Email/SMS to deliver transactional correspondence, receipts, notifications and targeted offers to support and enhance your customers’ experience and increase revenue per visitor.

Integrated Brand Experience

Our platform transparently supports transactional and communication capabilities across all of your digital touchpoints without compromising your brand’s integrity.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Detailed sales and redemption data provide insights on customer behaviors, purchase flows and performance trends to support informed decision making that will maximize your destination’s appeal, visibility, advocacy and revenues.

Be Part of the Boom

Don’t let antiquated technology keep
your destination from engaging the connected traveler.

The connected traveler is rapidly transforming the travel industry. These consumers take more trips and spend more money on travel than the average American. They have something else in common, too—all are highly engaged with their mobile devices. They expect brands to seamlessly engage with them in all channels, especially mobile. Enabling strong mobile capability across your destination’s digital touchpoints to engage today’s connected traveler will be key in unlocking growth in both visitation and revenue for your destination.


said they chose to plan their trip on mobile devices because it was the most convenient method for them.

over 30 MILLION

people now search for travel information via mobile devices each month.


planned in-destination activities from their mobile device.

Approximately 26 million US consumers will book travel through a mobile device in 2014.

Connected Travelers took an average of

4.8 vacations during the past 12 months

significantly more than the 3.8 vacations taken by all other travelers.

Connected Travelers spent significantly more on vacations than all other travelers during the past 12 months ($5,848 compared to $3,997). They plan to spend even more – 10 percent – on vacations during the next 12 months ($6,446)

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