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Where To Go, Where To BandwanGO

With so many events in the destination marketing space to choose from and so little time, there’s a lot to accomplish at each one. It’s important for us that when we attend various events, we get to see old friends, meet new ones, visit with our clients and connect with other potential partner destinations.

In other words, if you’re reading this, we want to see you! Amid sessions and plenaries and awards and marketplaces it can be a bit of a whirlwind and intentions to connect can be missed. So we want to declare our intention here, and we hope you hold us to it!

Catch Us At Them All

To that end, we wanted to make a list with upcoming events where someone from Bandwango will be in attendance. We’ve included our schedule below that lists where we’ll be, when and how we’ll be there (as a sponsor, tabling, speaking, etc).

If you want more concentrated one-on-one time beyond smiling at one another across the breakfast buffet table, or during a SWAG grab tour around the tables, hit up and we’ll make it happen!

2/20/2019 Connect Marketing Conference Kissimmee, FL
3/20/2019 DMA West Tech Summit Albuquerque, NM
3/26/2019 Beer Marketing & Tourism Conference Boise, ID
5/21/2019 Tourism Academy Pittsburgh, PA
7/23/2019 Destinations International St. Louis, MO
10/2/2019 DMA West Education Summit Sacramento, CA
10/7/2019 eTourism Summit San Francisco, CA

We’ve Come A Long Way But The Future Is Brighter

Over the last few years, Bandwango has created a variety of unique destination experiences with attraction passes, ale trail passes, culture passes, golf passports, savings programs and more.

We are excited to share our experiences with you along with what we’ve learned along the way, at these upcoming conferences.

If you’ll be at any of these events, we would love to see you there. So come and find us at and see a live demo for how Bandwango can transform the Things To Do in your area into revenue and enhanced traveler experiences. See you there!

Or schedule a demo now.

Get In Touch

We appreciate (and encourage) your budding curiosity in Bandwango! We're curious and excited to learn more about you, too; Tell us a little bit about yourself and how we can help . We'd love to answer questions and talk about how we can drive value for your destination.

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