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Free visitor guides are another avenue to use Bandwango’s Destination Experience Engine to connect your destination to both visitors and locals alike. Digital guides are easier to use and easy to update than a hodgepodge of maps, guidebooks and the like. And they ensure each customer has the most current information they often rely on to facilitate and maximize their visit.

Equally, for destinations, these visitor guides, usually offered as a free “download” (really just a highly mobilized web page they can save on their home screen) capture essential data to hone marketing efforts and prove ROI. What’s more, they are a natural fit with the modern traveler who refers to his or her smartphone for menus, maps, directions, reviews and suggestions anyway.

Transforming Itineraries

These Bandwango-powered mobile visitor guides are great for all destinations, but could be especially useful for state-level DMOs that might have limitations preventing monetary transacting for say, a paid pass like an Ale Trail or Attractions Pass, but can still obtain valuable marketing information and data, grow email lists, and providing visitors with an amazing mobile-centric experience.

It’s an experience that harkens to those suggested itineraries we often see on DMO websites, but offered on a dynamic and updatable platform that users can access at any time from the palm of their hand.

What’s In A Place

Our belief is simply that every place has something that sets it apart and makes it worth visiting. Bandwango Visitor Guides help you better share what makes your place special with the world.

A visitor guide offered freely from a destination’s DMO, especially a state’s or province’s DMO or CVB, is a unique way to change the game, and give visitors more of what they want while empowering them to get the most out of a destination.

As an example, think of the marketing “best practice” many companies use that have a useful, intriguing, well-designed white paper on some data analysis or trend dissection or similar. They offer it as a free PDF that readers simply provide basic info to get like their name and email. Some fields might ask where they’re from, or what their job title is. Fill in the short form and voila, they now have access to the document with the promised information they seek.

Surpass Expectations…Instantly

Likewise, for destinations, mobile-optimized visitor guides sent directly to a user’s device via SMS and email can be instantly activated and accessible. DMOs can ensure that their destination absolutely delivers, surpasses even, the expectations of those eager to learn about, experience and explore the wonders promised by the destination.

The implications of this regarding frequently updated information travelers look for, like mass transit in larger cities, or weather updates for hiking and outdoor recreation as an example, are positively huge.

Transforming those itineraries sections on your things-to-do lists and web tabs to something visitors can take with them, reference and use to redeem (or even gamify?? Why not!) discounts or admissions, or to even just use to check off an activity or experience as having been done, is a surefire way to seriously change the game.

The Magic Of Mobile

Mobile visitor guides are like a new kind of compass: pointing, directing, and guiding visitors to the famed locales, the hidden gems and the practical services your destination offers to all who come for a day or a week or longer. A mobile pass in hand containing the secrets to unlock what makes your destination special is a guaranteed way to make their experience just as magical. To review, here are a few features native to a Bandwango-powered mobile visitor guide:

  • Dynamically feature in-destination things to do, with maps, directions, and other useful information.
  • Feature discounts to local events and attractions.
  • Integrate community calendars, upcoming entertainment, events, and exhibits.
  • Gather user data for trends, travel destinations, popular redemptions and more to inform future marketing efforts.
  • Update with relevant, real-time information regarding weather, emergency, closed attractions, construction zones, etc.
  • Develop a popular platform to promote your destination’s free things to do and see.

Give your travelers everything your destination has to offer and instantly deliver it in the palm of their hands. Visitor Guides with Bandwango’s DXE are an indispensable tool for the modern destination marketer and an attractive feature for visitors looking to experience a new place. 

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