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Shaking Up
“Show Your Badge”

Convention Attendee Perks Seriously Upgraded

Bandwango makes it easy to elevate attendee experience and impact a local economy’s bottom line.

Traditional “show your badge” programs are inflexible, cumbersome for the attendee, and provide zero data on utilization and economic impact. And yet, the concept of “show your badge” is highly attractive to both convention attendees as well as local businesses, vendors, and restaurants. Surely there’s a better way to offer dynamic options to convention visitors and vendors while measuring success and tracking trends for future program improvements. Well, actually…now there is.

With a Bandwango-powered “Show Your Badge” program, CVBs can expect:
  • 100% white-labeled for every event
  • An up-to-date curation of activities, destinations, and discounts
  • Automated and trackable distribution
  • Real-time redemption data providing economic impact metrics

In Perspective

Learn more from examples and destinations currently in-market. Discover the various ways you can imagine a Bandwango-powered “Show Your Badge” program in your area.


Convention Attendees Get More Out of Conferences

From check-in challenges to nearby deals and discounts, Bandwango’s platform makes it easy for attendees to engage with vendors in convention centers and with the destination outside of it. 

Houston’s the Convention City of the Future

Visit Houston envisioned a tool to help convention visitors get more out of the city with an innovative, mobile version of a Show Your Badge program. Bandwango delivered. 

An Online Hub for Davis County Attendees

With Bandwango technology, Davis Conference Center created a hub of information for attendees, allowing event planners to streamline their logistics. 

In Market Solutions

Baltimore Show Your Badge Pass

Special deals at local stops ranging from art museums to the Orioles home field

Visit Indy’s Show Us Your Badge Pass

The city’s restaurants and attractions open their arms to convention attendees with special deals and discounts

Visit Houston Show Your Badge

With Visit Houston’s Show Your Badge program, it’s never been easier to tap into exclusive savings and discounts for conference attendees

“From implementation to final user interaction, this is a seamless experience through and through.”

-Jayne Buck, VP Tourism, Visit Denver

Our Partners

Some of the world's most innovative destinations are partnering with Bandwango to create incredible experiences that deeply engage both visitors and residents alike and maximize economic impact.