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Savings Programs That Work

Know More Than Just Numbers Sold

In a fresh take to a traditional mainstay for destination marketing, we reimagined the discount/coupon booklet for the next generation.

For destination marketers promoting savings and discount passes in their cities, Bandwango makes it easy to embrace and promote a next-generation, mobile-exclusive savings program. Essentially we just turn that old savings catalog and coupon book model into a relevant and more convenient product. And no more purchase regret from always forgetting the coupons at home when they’re most needed. For destination marketers, the value goes beyond “numbers sold.” Way beyond. A Bandwango-powered savings program captures sale and redemption data that can help prove exactly what it’s achieving in terms of economic impact.

Here’s what else destinations can do:
  • Feature one-time offers alongside repeating discounts
  • Offer variations of your savings pass (year-long, 5-day, weekender, conference attendee) customized for different audiences and customers
  • Add new offers, update old ones, and embrace a flexible, dynamic platform for adjustments
  • Encourage local shopping and commerce
    Support local causes and integrate with nonprofit fundraising
  • Remarket to customers digitally in ways that a printed pass never could.
  • Analyze the data beyond numbers sold, and get real-time results on what’s working

In Perspective

Learn more from examples and destinations currently in-market, to analysis and observations as to how a savings program could work in your area.


Savings Programs Made Easy

Throw out the coupon books of the past and track your true success with our digital platform. For destination marketers promoting savings and discounts for their regions and cities, Bandwango makes it easy to embrace and promote a next-generation, mobile-exclusive program.

Visit Omaha Provides Savings with Two Passes

Visitors can now experience Omaha without breaking their budget thanks to two Bandwango DXE programs – the Penny Pack and the Omaha Savings Pack. The destination embraced our flexible, dynamic platform and brought in more than 6,500 redemptions to local merchants.

Ottawa Tourism Brings Savings to Canadians

The #MyOttawa Resident Savings Pass is a locals-first initiative that boasts an impressive collection of discounts and offers ranging from local cultural exhibits to retail and accommodations. With this range of activities, the DMO hoped to encourage backyard tourism in a time of uncertainty. 

In Market Solutions

Visit Pikes Peak Coupons

Promising all of the savings and none of the clipping, the pass allows visitors to explore Pike’s Peak with ease.

Visit Indy Craft Pass

Visit Indy’s gamified ale trail promises visitors an exciting adventure that spans the best breweries, distilleries, and craft beverage producers in the region. 

Visit Bucks County’s Sweet Spots Trail

Deals and discounts at family-friendly locations make this gamified pass a treat. With the added bonus of a prize at the end of the journey, it’s got “perfect vacation” written all over it. 

“A good product paired with strong customer service makes Bandwango easy to advocate for.”

-Jeff Robinson, Visit Indy

Our Partners

Some of the world's most innovative destinations are partnering with Bandwango to create incredible experiences that deeply engage both visitors and residents alike and maximize economic impact.