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Using CARES Act Money for a 15-month Solution

Bandwango CARES

With years of experience driving value to local businesses on behalf of the travel industry, our team is more dedicated than ever to helping our clients create measurable impact for months to come using CARES Act money. Our technology connects hundreds of solutions to our destination partners across the globe. We know your destination is special and may require a unique approach in order to make the most of CARES Act funds, and our platform has the flexibility to meet your needs – whether that be showcasing your destination’s restaurants, distilleries, or attractions – while providing you insights that accelerate and prove economic impact.

We’re here to help drive dollars through the doors of your local businesses because we’re confident our platform can help your destination support locals and visitors today, tomorrow and next year. Download our deck below.

Working Within the Regulations

Although funds have already been allocated to states, territories and local governments, the funds are for them to use at their discretion. To see whether or not your local government received funding, check out the list of entities on Treasury Department’s website here. You can find an updated FAQ as requested by U.S. Travel here, but overall, the Treasury Department has defined that allocated funds can be used to help the tourism industry through the following means: 

Expenditures must be made between March 1, 2020, and December 30, 2020

DMOs can use the money to publicize the resumption of business activities and steps taken to ensure a safe and healthy travel experience

DMOs cannot use the money for long-term positioning or more traditional marketing campaigns unrelated to the pandemic

We’ve Helped 53+ Communities Recover

When COVID-19 threatened the tourism industry, our clients grew more innovative than ever. Plus, we signed a bunch of new clients who launched recovery efforts that helped stimulate their local economies. Here we’ve compiled a list of how our clients confronted this crisis; we hope you’re inspired to launch your own solution. 

Share Savings and Discounts

Get people back to shopping (and dining) with discounts! Our savings programs are tried and true drivers of economic impact. Whether your destination is looking to provide a lift to restaurants, shops or attractions, digital discounts can make a big difference now and in the months to come. This is a long-term strategy for success that your destination can invest in now.

The #MyOttawa Savings Pass is billed as the destination’s very own local savings passport. Ottawa Tourism launched this locals-first initiative as Canada reopened after COVID-19. It drove more than 5,000 sign-ups in 30 days. Check out their success in this case study

????This solution is a Bandwango staple. While it’s useful for COVID-19 community recovery, it can be a valuable driver of visitation and provide you with the tools to measure economic impact over the course of 15-months. Check out this solution in-depth here

Ditch the Paper

Do you have a paper passport program that your locals and visitors love? Ditch the paper (and the health risk) by moving the pass to our digital platform. Not only can you streamline gamification and track redemptions more effectively, you can transition a successful program into a safe solution with Bandwango. 

Colorado Springs’ Crafts and Drafts Passport knew their digital solution was going to be more important this year than ever before. They’ve invested time and money in this annual program, and it pays off for their partners and for the DMO. Big time. Check out this case study to read more about their past success, or watch this year’s news coverage here


????Visit Springfield made the jump in July and brought their Ozarks Tap and Pour Tour to the Bandwango platform. This is the fourth year of the program and its first time going digital. We also built a cool solution for their annual ad partnerships. Check it out here

Become One with Nature

Destinations with outdoor offerings have a chance to appeal to locals and visitors hoping to escape their homes in favor of fresh air. When these check-in passes are combined with savings, you’ve got a winning combination that spotlights safety and stimulates local economies at the same time. 

Travel Iowa’s got plenty of space for visitors and locals to spread out and enjoy. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of their parks and to welcome people back, Bandwango built a pass that gamifies, drives and measures park visitation. Phase 2 will include discounts to drive people through the doors of local businesses. Check out the full case study here


????Winter Park, Colorado harnessed this idea with their Hungry Hikers Pass. The pass allows hikers to pick their level of difficulty and enjoy discounts at local shops, restaurants and breweries after their adventure! See it for yourself here

Pivot Your Events

Public gatherings are getting a makeover. Our digital solution can help destinations change the way they’re bringing people together so that safety is the top priority. You don’t have to sacrifice your event – you just have to be brave enough to take it to the next level. 

Fraser, Colorado’s Mountain Mural Festival couldn’t take place this year like it normally would, but that didn’t mean it had to be cancelled altogether… Bandwango powered their digital solution, the Fraser Mountain Mural Walk, which featured a guide to the 20 murals along the walk with check-ins along the route. This creative solution resulted in 443 sign-ups, 3,538 check-ins at murals along the walk. 

????This investment can change the way you host events in the future. With better access to attendee data – from conventions to festivals – it’s money well spent. Learn more about how you can use this solution to partner with events here

A Proven Economic Engine

Bandwango’s DXE has been used since 2015 by more than 100+ partner destinations to drive business. The total impact of dollars spent by pass purchasers has allowed DMO’s from Canada to Texas to show their impact on the local economy.

Merchants in Network

Total Redemptions / Check-Ins Processed

Total Payouts to Local Merchants

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Uniting Community 

Our clients in Bucks County wanted to showcase their community spirit. Using Bandwango technology, they texted a message to all the people who received a t-shirt for their participation in the destination’s gamified ale trail and encouraged them to wear their t-shirt, toast to Bucks County and tag #drinkinbucksco in their social media post. People sent in photos to show their support, and Visit Bucks County got to spread the love by leveraging the Bandwango platform.