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Serving and Rebuilding During COVID-19

We’re All Locals Somewhere

With years of experience driving value to local businesses on behalf of the travel industry, our team is more dedicated than ever to helping our clients build solutions during COVID-19 that create a measurable impact for local economies. Our technology connects hundreds of solutions to our destination partners across the globe. We know your destination is special and may require a unique approach in the coming months, and our platform has the flexibility to meet your needs – whether that be showcasing your destination’s restaurants, distilleries, or attractions – while providing you insights that accelerate and prove economic impact.

We’re here to help drive dollars through the doors of your local businesses because we’re confident our platform can help your destination support locals and visitors today, tomorrow and next year. Bandwango’s COVID-19 Travel Solutions range from strategies you can implement right now to recovery solutions that will help your destination regain visitor share. Download our deck below.

Travel Will Be Back

The percentages below represent a potential group your DMO can target. Whether you’re hoping to appeal to the 69.1% of people who will be anxious to book their trip post-quarantine, the 50% hoping to enjoy the space and distance from crowds your small and nature-friendly destination provides or the 60.6% of travelers hoping to engage with their local communities today, Bandwango’s COVID-19 travel solutions were crafted with this audience data in mind. *Data according to Destination Analysts’ April 2020 study


People who said they couldn’t wait to get out and travel again


Travelers who plan to avoid crowded destinations in the 6 month period after the pandemic ends


Travelers who have undertaken specific efforts where they live to support local businesses

We Believe in Sharing Solutions

Our passion for travel goes beyond being a vendor in this space. Above all, we believe in this industry. We’re continuously inspired by our clients’ grit and in the people who lead us in thought and spirit. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of how our clients are confronting COVID-19 along with a few ideas we love from other destinations around the world.

Shift the Focus

Current clients might not know how best to utilize their visitor focused passes during this strange time, but lots of destinations have used the Bandwango platform to their advantage to educate their audience on closures, store changes and more. When isolation ends, they’ll be able to pick up where they left off, having supported their local businesses along the way. Check out how our platform has impacted locals in the past.

Go Great Lakes Bay encourages site visitors to support local businesses in any way they can, prompting people to buy gift cards, order take out and more. They outline updated hours of operation and restaurants offering additional services.

💡Visit Saint Lucia launched their “7 Minutes in Saint Lucia” campaign, which features yoga practices, cooking classes and guided meditation lessons with the destination serving as a beautiful background. Skift put it perfectly when they described the campaign as feeling “less sales-y and more generous.”

Share The Love

You know your businesses and community best. Several destinations have come to us with ideas that encourage people to spend now – on everything from takeout to good karma. When you act now and share the love with your local businesses, your innovative ideas could be the thing that keeps them afloat. A few of Bandwango’s COVID-19 travel solutions (put together based on our clients’ amazing ideas!) are listed below. 

Fairfax, Virginia loves their local restaurants. It just makes sense they’d lift them up in this difficult time. Enter the Takeout Trail, a pass that provides savings on takeout and aims to encourage people to eat local and stay indoors. Working with Bandwango’s team, Fairfax launched their pass in record time and had more than 500 sign-ups for the trail after only 7 days. 

Salt Lake City knows their community will rise up to support local businesses. Have you ever heard of paying it forward? Their Gift Card Marketplace seeks to do just that. Using current merchant agreements, Salt Lake is refining their typical pass system so they can offer this new take on their platform.


💡Visit Indy is selling t-shirts and donating the proceeds to hospitality workers and artists. They’ve mobilized their efforts via Instagram and have sold over 7k.

Show Your Stuff

Destinations with outdoor offerings have a chance to appeal to locals hoping to escape their homes in favor of fresh air during this crisis. Additionally, when isolation ends, these destinations will be in a position to welcome visitors to their areas sooner than metropolitan areas. We’re working with a few clients who are gearing up to welcome people back to the great outdoors. 

Travel Iowa’s got plenty of space for visitors and locals to spread out and enjoy. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of their parks and to welcome people back, Bandwango’s COVID-19 travel solution is to build a pass that gamifies, drives and measures park visitation.


💡Explore York is hosting an Instagram scavenger hunt, encouraging their followers to get outside, find the items and share their own photo content with the DMO. They’re also sharing hiking content on their blog.

Start the Recovery

When isolation ends every restaurant, museum and brewery will be filled. People were meant to be together, which is why many DMO’s have approached us to be part of their rebuild. When you start planning now, you have 90 days to craft the perfect pass, the perfect campaign, and the perfect comeback. Let us help you bring business back to your destination! 

A coastal DMO is working with their attraction partners to launch a discounted pass, which will be marketed to locals as a way to aid in recovery. The pass will transition to a resource for visitors when travel is an option once again.

A brewers guild wants to bring people back to their breweries in a big way. Enter their idea to launch their new paid pass post-isolation.

💡Several destinations are encouraging their past visitors to leave a review on TripAdvisor, Google, Yelp or the network of their choice so that when people are ready to plan trips again, they can find the best the destination has to offer. 

A Proven Economic Engine

Bandwango’s DXE has been used since 2015 by more than 100+ partner destinations to drive business. The total impact of dollars spent by pass purchasers has allowed DMO’s from Canada to Texas to show their impact on the local economy.

Merchants in Network

Total Redemptions / Check-Ins Processed

Total Payouts to Local Merchants

More On Bandwango’s DXE

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Uniting Community 

Our clients in Bucks County wanted to showcase their community spirit. Using Bandwango technology, they texted a message to all the people who received a t-shirt for their participation in the destination’s gamified ale trail and encouraged them to wear their t-shirt, toast to Bucks County and tag #drinkinbucksco in their social media post. People sent in photos to show their support, and Visit Bucks County got to spread the love by leveraging the Bandwango platform.