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The Next Generation
Attractions Pass Solution

Customized Attraction Passes For The Modern Traveler

Bandwango lets you offer curated passports tailored to various visitor types. It’s never been easier to better target visitors & locals with rewarding, expertly curated experiences at your destination’s attractions. And destination marketers are the resident experts to do the curating. Whether it’s a zoo, an aquarium, a theme park, or creative combinations of all of the above, when Bandwango’s DXE is used for Attraction Passes, it gives DMOs a powerful tool to drive crowds, not only to visit attractions, but to spend more money while there. The result is a powerful solution designed to enhance the visitor experience, capture dynamic marketing data, and, most importantly, drive local economic impact.

With a Bandwango-powered experience passes, destinations can:
  • Get up and running within days, not months
  • Instantly deliver passes to visitors and locals—no apps to download
  • Create time-based options targeting visitors and locals alike
  • Deliver real-time passport updates and targeted offers
  • Capture real-time utilization data

In Perspective

Learn more about attraction passes from examples and destinations currently in-market, to analysis and observations to how diverse attractions passes can be. Discover the various ways you can imagine a Bandwango-powered attractions pass in your area.


What Are Attractions Passes With Bandwango?

How Bandwango helps to assemble the best activities in a destination to target virtually any demographic and turn mobile passes into juggernauts of economic impact.

Salt Lake’s Connect Pass Continues to Thrive

The Connect Pass is one of the oldest Bandwango-powered products on the market. Yet it’s still making waves and growing in popularity as more and more locals and visitors are discovering the ease and value of this mobile experience pass.

Using Bandwango to Generate New Revenue Streams

Use profit margins from paid passes to generate revenue, or explore the other ways our technology can help your organization create a more reliable revenue stream.

In Market Solutions

Big Ticket Adventure Pass

The Big Ticket™ is a 3-day adventure pass that provides 30% savings on Mall of America and Twin Cities attractions.

Mile High Culture Pass

Mile High Culture Pass is a 3-day passport that includes admission into 7 participating attractions and additional discounts to even more.

Visit Salt Lake Connect Pass

The Visit Salt Lake Connect Pass is an all-in-one ticket featuring 15 different offerings at 13 participating attractions in single day, 2-day, 3-day or year-long passes.

“We can use this technology to offer a range of attraction products and even convention passes that can be easily purchased or downloaded and then used throughout our city, all with trackable results.”

-Eric Thompson, VP Marketing, Visit Salt Lake

Our Partners

Some of the world's most innovative destinations are partnering with Bandwango to create incredible experiences that deeply engage both visitors and residents alike and maximize economic impact.