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Craft Beer. Local Flavor.

The Tourism Draw Of Lager, Ale, Porter & Stout

It’s never been easier to guide visitors and locals to your destination’s best watering holes. The allure of craft-focused ale trails, pub crawls, brewery tours and more is fast becoming a highlight of what travelers love to experience. Ale Trails and other beer-centric passes offered through Bandwango can help destinations guide their visitors to featured beer flights, charming taprooms and attractive discounts. Destinations that have a proud and local craft beer scene are prime candidates for testing the power of Bandwango’s DXE. Get on the map, and tap into the alluring power of Brew Passes and Ale Trails that attract travelers and introduce visitors and locals alike to the brews and suds unique to your destination.

With a Bandwango-powered ale trail, for example, destinations can:
  • Update passports with new breweries, taprooms, bars, restaurants and other facilities all in real-time.
  • Feature seamless delivery and redemption functionality that satisfies consumer expectations and keeps staff happy.
  • Track visits and consumption to provide great experiences for customers and actionable data for marketers.

In Perspective

Read more about Ale Trails and other beer-filled experiences currently in-market and how Bandwango-powered passes for local craft beverage trails can work in your area.


What Are Ale, Liquor and Wine Trails With Bandwango?

Drinking and Tasting Trails are a popular way to inform the modern traveler, but, with Bandwango, the convenience, savings and access on a mobile platform is game-changing.

Three Smart Ways Cities Are Using Bandwango

Bandwango’s DXE travel technology platform is fairly new on the destination marketing scene, but already making serious waves. This is especially visible in how various Bandwango partner destinations are employing the Destination Experience Engine in engaging ways for travelers.

Serenity Is The New Luxury

Learn how destinations can adapt to travel trends with Bandwango. Every destination has places that fill one with awe and wonder. With Bandwango, destinations can curate those places to promote a unique, singular experience to a very specific kind of traveler.

In Market Solutions

Go Great Lakes Bay’s Drink Your Way Passport

Featuring daily offers at multiple venues, accessed on mobile in a FREE pass valid for a whole year with $100+ in discounts.

Brew Passes in Houston, Texas

Featuring 1-day, 3-day and 90-day brew passes that highlight 9 local breweries and offer an array of sample flights and discounts.

Loudoun County’s “LoCo” Wine Pass

Two passes featuring free tastings, exclusive offers, and discounts at 22 Loudoun County vineyards and wineries.

“It’s the best money I’ve spent in this industry.”

-Taylor McGurk, Director of Destination Development of Go Cedar Rapids

Our Partners

Some of the world's most innovative destinations are partnering with Bandwango to create incredible experiences that deeply engage both visitors and residents alike and maximize economic impact.