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Welcome to Endless Possibility

Our mission is simple: Bandwango helps organizations improve
the visitor experience through curated, mobile solutions

Welcome to Endless Possibility

Our mission is simple: Bandwango helps organizations improve the visitor experience through curated, mobile solutions

Make Your Destination’s Brand Shine

All of our products are fully branded and white-labeled for the organizations we serve. From set-up to
management, customer service and even additional marketing services, we are with you every step of the way.
Here are a few of our solutions our partners are using in their destination marketing arsenal.

Customized Attraction Passes

Assemble the best activities in your destination to target virtually any demographic.

  • Family attractions, cultural activities, adventure travel – it’s all possible with our cloud-based platform.
  • Zero integration – get up-and-running within days, not months
  • Instant delivery via text and email—no apps to download
  • Time-based options to target short-term visitors and locals alike

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Make Green Fees Greener

Printed golf passports and cards are a thing of the past. Bandwango’s mobile golf passport allows you to easily package courses for discounted and pre-purchased rounds so golfers explore new courses and focus on playing, not planning.

  • Eliminate printing and shipping costs – instant text/email delivery
  • Real-time passport updates and targeted offers
  • Real-time utilization data – eliminate manual data entry

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Next Generation Tasting Experiences

Bandwango’s craft beer and wine tasting passports allow aficionados to discover and enjoy new breweries, wineries, and distilleries without the stress of planning or overpaying.

  • Update passports with new breweries, wineries, and distilleries in real-time
  • Seamless delivery and redemption satisfies consumer expectations and keeps staff happy
  • Track visits and consumption to provide great experiences for customers and actionable data for marketers

Discover Ale Trails, Wine Tastings And More

Shaking Up “Show Your Badge”

Traditional “show your badge” programs can be inflexible, cumbersome, and provide zero data on utilization and economic impact. With Bandwango, there’s a better way to offer dynamic options to convention visitors and vendors while measuring success and tracking trends for future program improvements.

  • 100% white-labeled for every event
  • Up-to-date curation of relevant activities, destinations, and discounts
  • Automated and trackable distribution
  • Real-time redemption data providing economic impact metrics

Get More Information On Digital Show Your Badge

Brand-Centric Festival & Event Ticketing Experience

Bandwango is unlike any other ticketing provider you have ever worked with. Our platform is built from the ground up to maximize attendee experience, brand and sponsor engagement and revenue while minimizing operational overhead and transactional fees.

  • Fully branded experience makes your event, sponsors, and vendors shine
  • Mobile experience combines admission ticket with festival/event guide and additional offers
  • Integrate vendors, special offers, and merchandise sales directly into ticket experience
  • Attendee communications platform engages your audience before, during and after the event
  • You own 100% of the data

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Savings Programs

If curated passes are a way to promote experiential itineraries and things to do, savings programs are the mobile equivalent to those coupon booklets you can buy for a few dollars and get hundreds of dollars worth of savings in return. But since it’s all digital, it comes with a few upgrades.

  • Feature one-time offers alongside repeating discounts
  • Offer variations of your savings pass (year-long, 5-day, weekender, conference attendee) customized for different audiences and customers
  • Add new offers, update old ones, and embrace a flexible, dynamic platform for adjustments
  • Encourage local shopping and commerce
  • Support local causes and integrate with nonprofit fundraising.
  • Remarket customers digitally in ways that a printed pass never could.
  • Analyze the data beyond numbers sold, and get real-time results on what’s working.

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Check out our solutions in action in these recent case studies…

Downtown Knoxville Case Study

Downtown Knoxville Case Study

How a Peppermint Trail Drove Holiday Traffic Through the Doors of Local BusinessesDowntown Knoxville's Peppermint Trail is a holiday staple. The trail, marked by peppermints along the downtown sidewalk, aims to drive people through the doors of local businesses...

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Experience Ottawa + RootRez Case Study

Experience Ottawa + RootRez Case Study

How Ottawa Tourism Drove Room Night Bookings Using RootRez and Bandwango TechnologyWhen you combine hotel booking data with the power to track visitors through the doors of local businesses, you get a winning campaign strategy. This idea was the basis for Ottawa...

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Teaming Up to Drive Wine Drinkers into the Heart of Willamette

Teaming Up to Drive Wine Drinkers into the Heart of Willamette

Teaming Up to Drive Wine Drinkers into the Heart of Willamette How Visit Corvallis and the Heart of Willamette Winery Association Turned Their Paper Passport into a Golden TicketVisit Corvallis and the Heart of Willamette Wineries Association have a long history of...

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