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Bandwango is a travel technology platform that empowers DMOs, CVBs and other event or destination promoters to offer dynamically curated, digitally delivered access to places and experiences for both visitors and locals to enjoy.

How Bandwango Transforms Experience-Based Travel

The key capabilities shown here are what make the Destination Experience Engine (DXE) more powerful and game-changing than any other destination marketing tool out there. For Destinations using the Bandwango platform, key progress indicators, economic impact, and visitor behavior data are all trackable, discernable and distilled into easy-to-understand intelligence. This is the true genius of the platform. For the customer, maximizing their stay in any destination in easily the most streamlined, digital and user-friendly way is the key to them wanting to return.

Total Brand Control

Launch public and private label microsites that compliment your existing web presence and are fully branded for your destination, its events, conferences and audience targets.

Digital Experience Passports

Infinitely combine all things-to-to into free or paid passports targeting a variety of customer types – visitors, locals, convention attendees, visiting friends and relatives (VFR), and more.

Instant Delivery – No Apps To Download

Instantly deliver experience-based passports through fully white-labeled web applications via SMS and email. No apps to download!

Everywhere Redemption Tech

Seamless redemption process works for all businesses – compatible with no-tech, low-tech, and high-tech businesses and insures fluid experience for both visitors and merchants.

Real-time Perks & Incentives

Consumer engagement via real-time “perks” (spending incentives) and marketing automation increases per-visitor revenue and creates repeat business opportunities.

Visitor Data That Defines True Impact

Rich data capture helps you better understand your customers – who they are, where they are from, what they like to do, how much money they are spending.

Here are a few “vignettes” of how Bandwango could work in your destination

Promoting Arts And Culture

Susan is the marketing VP for her small county’s tourism board. She uses the Bandwango Destination Experience Engine (DXE) to offer an all-access pass for a certain period of time to all of the county’s museums. She doesn’t have to worry about crunching any numbers to reimburse the attractions, Bandwango does all of that for her every month.

Enticing Visitors With Golf Courses

Jim is the executive VP of marketing in a large city. He uses the Bandwango DXE to entice travelers to enjoy a number of world-class golf resorts in town. It’s a great way to promote the area to a specific type of traveler they’ve long wanted to better reach. And with the data from golf passport sales, he can get a better grasp on just who is coming to golf, and from where.

Celebrating Craft Brewing

Rebecca is on the marketing team of a Regional DMO anchored by a mid-sized city famous for its micro breweries. She uses the Bandwango DXE to create a brewery tour and Ale Trail. It becomes incredibly popular among the conventioneers that come to town, and by the end of the year, she can see exactly how much economic impact, in real dollars, this mobile pass drove to the 10 breweries listed on the pass.

Bandwango Delivers

Digital Passes as powered by Bandwango embody the next generation of mobile, customized, and experience-based travel. The targeting capability of these passes combined with instant availability and convenience is a powerful way for marketers to exceed the expectations of the modern consumer.

Discover The Best Things To Do

Bandwango allows customers, both visitors and locals, to discover the best of your destination from anywhere. From planning to spontaneous engagement, curated passes offer a themed, organized way to get the most of any vacation or a weekend trip to town.

Instant Delivery Directly To Mobile

Once a pass is purchased, the Bandwango platform enacts instant delivery via SMS and email to customers and immediately activates the pass for instantaneous use. Instant delivery, immediate activation, that’s the power of Bandwango for your destination.

Easy Redemption For Vendors

Our seamless redemption process works for all business, big and small, and can be customized depending on each vendor’s point-of-sale parameters or preference. It couldn’t be easier for customers either, as all it takes is presenting the pass to the venue. See? Easy.

Up-To-Date Information And Additional Deals

Bandwango-powered experience passes receive real-time updates that keep in-destination information accurate and always up-to-date. For visitors, that means reliable hours of operation, "Near Me" aggregation capability, dynamic maps, phone numbers, and more. Real-time deals, perks and promotional offers from local businesses sweeten the deal and drive increased visitor spend.

“From implementation to final user transaction, this is a seamless experience through and through.”

-Jayne Buck, VP Tourism, Visit Denver

Our Partners

Some of the world’s most innovative destinations are partnering with Bandwango to create incredible experiences that deeply engage both visitors and residents alike and maximize economic impact.