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The main piece of feedback we hear from clients and prospects alike is that the best source of inspiration for Bandwango passports is what their friends and colleagues are creating in their communities. In this spirit, we’ll be updating this blog quarterly to showcase passes launched in our more than 280 partner destinations. 

In the first quarter of 2022, we launched 76 passports with our partner destinations.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just looking around, we hope you’re as intrigued and excited by these passes as we’ve been. Who knows, you may even want to sign up for one yourself… 

*All passports that are not consumer-facing are not linked or referenced in this blog. This is intentional in order to protect the metrics of our clients and the privacy of those partnerships they have put into place. This may include Show Your Badge Passports or exclusive consumer group passports. Passports that are not linked are promotions that have ended.

Restaurant Weeks/Months

Stockton’s Restaurant Week Pass

Casper’s 5150 Restaurant Week

Bakersfield’s Restaurant Week

Destination Bryan’s Bryan Dining Days

Taste of Plano 2022

Savings Passes


Visit Ohama’s Dining Pass


Greater Palm Springs’ Wellness Pass


Visit Knoxville’s Savings Pass

Florida Sport’s Coast Savings Pass

Las Vegas/Clark County Clerk’s Five Million Love Stories

Discovering Dunwoody Checklist

Tourism Kelowna’s Key


Richmond/Wayne County’s Meltdown Frozen Fun Pass


Explore Edmonton’s YEG Expert Discount Pass

Thrive Companies’ Thrive Card

Ithaca Loves Teachers 2022

Tourism Jasper’s Jasper Ambassador Pass

Visit Fairfax’s Potomac Paid Savings Pass


Event Passes

Dripping Springs’ Brewers Festival Tickets

Canton Light Festival Passport

Downtown Colorado Springs’ Haute Chocolate Hop

Conference and Convention Passes

Pikes Peak’s SATW Freelance Council Spring Conference 2022 Event Activity Selection

Pikes Peak’s SATW Freelance Council Spring Conference 2022 Registration

Memphis Attendee Savings Pass

Job’s Daughter Supreme Session 2022

Virginia Beach’s Southeast Tourism Showcase Dine Around Pass

Visit Hamilton County’s Grand Parks Saving Pass