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Beyond Destination Marketing

More industries are seeing the value of curating experiences for customers

Bandwango DXE – Engineered To Adapt

Bandwango has a flexible platform adaptable to a number of industries, places, events and experiences. As the needs of meetings and conventions grow to tailor more to attendees, and as places, brands and attractions develop more personalized experiences to their customers and visitors, Bandwango is there to find the right context, a seamless delivery, and a valuable data set to measure real success.

Destination Marketing Organizations / Convention Visitor Bureaus

For Destination Marketers, Bandwango is the long-awaited platform that many have talked about in the industry but few have found. We often hear our destination clients say “I’ve been waiting for something like this.” Since we’ve incorporated DMO partnerships from the start, the foundational application of our Destination Experience Engine feels like a native and seamless extension of the DMO/CVB marketing wheelhouse. Promoting destinations with unique passports and mobile-exclusive guides is the chief function for which the Bandwango DXE was designed and remains the primary application of our clients today.

Meetings & Events

Particularly for destinations that already employ Bandwango’s DXE—but truly adaptable to any destination or venue—the meetings and events capability of our platform is a powerful tool on the tip of the meetings industry zeitgeist. As conventioneers and event attendees flock to a destination, Bandwango allows turn-key and white-label event branding to provide unique experiences exclusive to those visitors. The implications here can extend to interactive and mobile versions of “show your badge” programs; redemption capability within multi-vendor, large-scale events and more. For meetings and events, the sky is truly the limit.

Non-Profit Fundraising

When it comes to fundraising for a local or favorite cause, people constantly want to find something that is a win/win for the donor and the recipient to make it easier to close the deal. Enter Bandwango passes as fundraisers. With Bandwango-powered passes like a digital savings book or discount travel guide, DXE partners can allocate a percentage of each purchase to a cause of their choice. Speaking of win/win, it’s a great way to get more folks using the platform, while also supporting important causes and nonprofits.

Attractions & Attraction Associations

Bandwango is taking a disruptive approach to make enhanced B2B and consumer marketing capabilities to attraction associations more common, more accessible, and more effective. As multi-facility attractions and regional attraction associations look for ways to increase value and show metric-based success in terms of revenue/economic impact for themselves and their members, more are turning to Bandwango to utilize its platform to create attraction-specific passes offered in curated clusters for different visitor types.

Local Press and Publishing

While the DXE platform is particularly powerful in marketing a destination, the transition to other entities, especially local press and publications, that do essentially the same thing, is a natural next step and can be just as beneficial. For publications that are already churning out a lot of useful content to those who want to get the most out of a city, providing an opportunity for actionable follow through for the reader at their height of interest in what they’re reading about is a new way to revolutionize native sponsored content, and generate income for both publication and advertisers.

Bandwango’s Destination Experience Engine (DXE) is a powerful platform for destination marketers, meeting and event conveners, and attraction associations. Through providing a revolutionary mechanism to market things to see, experience and do in any destination, attraction or region, the solutions we offer give more satisfaction to customers, send more revenue to local economies and prove measured marketing efforts like never before.

Bandwango Delivers

Digital Passes as powered by Bandwango embody the next generation of mobile, customized, and experience-based travel. The targeting capability of these passes combined with instant availability and convenience is a powerful way for marketers to exceed the expectations of the modern consumer.

“From implementation to final user transaction, this is a seamless experience through and through.”

-Jayne Buck, VP Tourism, Visit Denver

Our Partners

Some of the world's most innovative destinations are partnering with Bandwango to create incredible experiences that deeply engage both visitors and residents alike and maximize economic impact.