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Accelerate Your
Destination’s Success

We believe an impression is a metric, not an objective.

Our focus on end-of-funnel objectives that increase the number of visitors, boost brand recognition and drive in-destination engagement, ensures that our partners have a real-time understanding of marketing ROI and access to insights that accelerate economic impact. With Bandwango, partners have the opportunity to get more than a travel technology platform; DXM clients have access to our in-house team of creative marketers and strategists who are ready to consult, design, research, execute and measure any campaign behind every Bandwango DXE product.

Destination Experience Marketing (DXM)

While DXE is our flagship enterprise, every Bandwango destination applies it differently. Sometimes that means employing our expansive marketing services and creative talents to enhance the launch and promotion of your destination’s Bandwango-powered pass. Bandwango’s Destination Experience Marketing (DXM) is an add-on of creative and digital marketing services with our in-house team that knows the DXE platform inside and out.

DXM Services and Resources


  • Market Research
  • Data Analysis
  • Measurement Architecture
  • Brand Platform Design
  • Consumer Experience Design


  • Visual Design
  • Identity Systems
  • Copy and Messaging
  • Campaign Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • Video and Photography


  • Business Objective Prioritization
  • Project Management
  • Resource Budgeting
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Quality Assurance

Social Media

  • Community Development
  • Advocacy and Promotion
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Social Listening

Our Marketing Expertise. Your Bandwango Pass.

It’s been our experience that destinations often need additional marketing support to really maximize the effectiveness of their DXE passports. In response, we’ve staffed in-house marketing professionals to provide a suite of additional services available for any of our destination partners.

Destinations that take advantage of our Destination Experience Marketing (DXM) services reduce the length of time it takes to start realizing value from using the DXE, and increase the volume of benefits. Our team will assist to expertly navigate key insights from data and provide customized marketing services to your destination’s particular and unique needs or campaigns.

Conversion is only the beginning.

A lot of marketing campaigns end at conversion. But with Bandwango DXM, conversion and redemption are where the valuable insights begin. It’s all about proving concepts, retaining and re-engaging visitors, and extracting business intelligence. Take a look.

Business Intellegence

Engage Business Community
Unify And Align Efforts
Curate And Personalize Offers
Attract New Conferences, Meetings, Events
Identify, Attract New Relevant Audiences






Experience Passes

Enhanced Local Spending

Utilization, Perks, Marketing Automation

Destination Advocacy

Direct Share, Gift, Recommend and Rate Tools


Resident and Visitor Data

Retain and Re-Engage

Business Intelligence

Engage Business Community
Unify And Align Efforts
Curate And Personalize Offers
Attract New Conferences, Meetings, Events
Identify, Attract New Relevant Audiences

Retain and Re-Engage

Bandwango DXM Partner Destinations

Many impressive destinations and iconic brands are partnering with Bandwango DXM to help tell their story, maximize their outreach and authentically engage their customers. Here are a few.

“We have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback.”

-Jackie Sturn, Woodinville Wine Association

Our Partners

Some of the world's most innovative destinations are partnering with Bandwango to create incredible experiences that deeply engage both visitors and residents alike and maximize economic impact.