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How Visit Salt Lake Built A Reliable Six-Figure Revenue Stream With An Attractions Pass Appealing To Many Visitor Types

How Visit Salt Lake Built A Reliable Six-Figure Revenue Stream With An Attractions Pass Appealing To Many Visitor Types

Salt Lake City is a cosmopolitan base-camp for all kinds of visitors throughout the year. Whether it’s to attend a conference or hit the slopes, start a national parks adventure or drop in on friends and family, Salt Lake has a little something for everyone.

Since Utah’s capital city is also a regional hub of art, commerce and culture, lots of families, especially within the drive market, make the trip to SLC frequently to play and recreate any time of year. The Salt Lake Connect Pass is a Bandwango-powered attractions pass to appeal to every type of visitor and connect them to the best attractions the city and its environs have to offer.

“This is a platform that I feel many DMOs will be able to use and scale for their needs and uses. What I am most excited about is how we can use this technology to interact and offer a range of attraction products and even convention passes that can be easily purchased or downloaded and then used throughout our city, all with trackable results.”

-Eric Thompson, VP Marketing, Visit Salt Lake

A Powerful Way To Connect Both Visitors And Locals With The Best Of Salt Lake City

Visit Salt Lake was Bandwango’s first partner destination and the Connect Pass is one of the oldest Bandwango-powered products on the market. Yet it’s still making waves and growing in popularity as more and more locals and visitors are discovering the ease and value of this mobile experience pass.

This is a great deal for visiting many fun family-friendly venues in SLC. The app that you get is fabulous. It is so easy to bring up your tickets on your phone and not worry about bringing proof of purchase or paperwork. It also makes it easy and quick to see which venues you still have left to visit.

-Jennifer P., Certified Reviewer

Embracing the family appeal of many of its attractions, Visit Salt Lake also grasped the vision of widening that appeal to short-term visitors and adventure seekers as well. This starts with a wide array of exciting attractions from the celebrated zoo and historic aviary, to various museums, ski resort attractions, botanical gardens and more, turning the Connect Pass into a diverse experience passport to lift local and regional tourism among diverse traveler types.

Additionally, the Connect Pass also cleverly offers a 1-day, 2-day, 3-day, or 365-day version at different price points to appeal to everyone from brief visitors in town for a convention to residents who want to locally recreate throughout the year. A look at some recent annual metrics show the lasting economic impact experience and attraction passports can have when powered by Bandwango’s Destination Experience Engine (DXE).


Total Connect Pass Revenue In 2018


Individual Pass Distributions


Redemptions At The Participating Attractions


In Payouts Distributed Back To 15 Connect Pass Merchants

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