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Houston Is Pioneering The Future Of Interactive Convention Attendee Benefits With Bandwango DXE

Houston Is Pioneering The Future Of Interactive Convention Attendee Benefits With Bandwango DXE

The iconic city of Houston, Texas is an epicenter for conferences, conventions, meetings and events. And as any great host city, it offers a diverse array of rich experiences beyond the walls of its convention center.

As such, Visit Houston envisioned a tool to help convention visitors get more out of the city with an innovative, mobile version of a Show Your Badge program. It needed to be quick to set up, easy to white label for each event, and filled with enticing deals and experiences that visitors would want to pursue. And for Visit Houston’s own aims, it also needed to capture as much meaningful data as possible to accurately measure the program’s impact.

“Utilizing Bandwango’s platform to digitize our Show Your Badge program has opened up a world of possibilities when it comes to getting special offers into the hands of our convention attendees.”

-Ashley McKenney, Tourism Project Manager, Visit Houston

 Promoting The Participating Merchants To A New Audience Each Week Drives Real Impact For Those Establishments

In the short time since Houston activated on Show Your Badge with Bandwango, it’s been able to quickly set up both customized perks and paid destination experiences via thoroughly branded convention and event micro-sites—all with no apps to develop, or for the customers to download.

“Attendees are downloading their passes before they even arrive and the system gives us great data and insights into what different groups want when they come to town.  Plus the ability to promote a wide variety of bars and restaurants to a new audience each week in a trackable way has elevated our partnerships with local businesses”

-Ashley McKenney, Tourism Project Manager, Visit Houston

In the first pilot of this type, Visit Houston has already mobilized on an array of experiences for multiple Show Your Badge programs, which have shown exciting promise, such as:

Launch Branded Conference Sites in 30 Minutes
The ability to launch fully branded and operational convention/event micro-sites in under 30 minutes; itself a unique resource to incentivize meeting planners to come to their city.

Combine Free Perks With Paid Experiences
The ability to partner with local bars and restaurants in a tangible way, and to use the platform’s ability to combine free Show Your Badge perks with paid experiences to generate real revenue.

More Than 1000 Passports To 15 Conferences
To date, the distribution of more than 1,000 Show Your Badge passports across 15 niche events to visitors from every continent.

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