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Proving a model for small-scale events to benefit from next-generation mobile ticketing technology.

Proving a model for small-scale events to benefit from next-generation mobile ticketing technology.

Eat Drink SLC is an annual event in Utah’s capital city celebrating Utah’s wine vendors, local craft beverages and creative culinary offerings.

Per its mission, Eat Drink SLC aims to foster an appreciation of the gastronomic synergy between food and drink while it also builds recognition for Salt Lake’s status as a vibrant culinary destination. Growing in popularity now in its fourth year, the event was expecting upwards of 600 attendees and turned to Bandwango’s event and ticketing capability to ensure smooth, efficient access and redemption for event goers.

“The scanner app was really fast, not grabby at all like other ticketing apps I used in the past, [but] beyond entry scanning and the convenience of e-ticketing, the real gold is in pre-event and post-event patron ‘processing.”  [i.e. the ability to easily compile and analyze marketing data]

-Stephen Brown, co-creator Eat Drink SLC

The “GoRedeem” iOS App Made Managing Gate Entry A Breeze 

Through a dual-purpose use of the Bandwango’s mobile technology, Eat Drink SLC relied on DXE’s platform capability to create the promotional site to sell the tickets, and harnessed the power of Bandwango’s “GoRedeem” iOS app to scan a QR codes on the customer’s mobile passport, allowing for easy entry into the event.

Like many of Bandwango’s DXE products, that mobile passport also provided a comprehensive, user-friendly event guide for guests in attendance.
Some highlights include:

Speed Of Admission:
The ability to launch fully branded and operational convention/event micro-sites in under 30 minutes; itself a unique resource to incentivize meeting planners to come to their city.

Engaging Mobile Guide:
After entry, customers used the festival guide on the same mobile platform as their ticket to get the most out of the event, including wine info, menus, a tastings tracker, and a field to jot notes.

Consolidated Content:
Because the Bandwango system created the ticketing site and the mobile guide, all festival information was centralized in one location. Any needed update would reflect on both the ticketing website and the mobile guide in real-time.

Happy with the results, the Eat Drink SLC team was also excited about further exploration with the platform’s practical application to, according to event co-creator Stephen Brown, “elongate the experience by going to partner restaurants and exploring wines” after the event.

To that end, Eat Drink SLC is keeping the mobile guide live all year for attendees so they can remember what they tasted and find the wine and liquor store or local distillery that carries it.

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