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How The Davis Conference Center Created an Online Hub for the Convention Attendees

Davis County may be Utah’s smallest county, but the scenic mountain views that can be seen as a backdrop for the Great Salt Lake make it the perfect location for convention attendees to escape meeting rooms and enjoy the great outdoors. 

If this isn’t reason enough for meeting planners to consider the Utah destination, the Davis Convention Center is making it even easier for them to connect attendees to registration, meal reservations, tours and activities.

By partnering with Bandwango technology, Davis Conference Center is able to create a hub of information for attendees, allowing event planners to streamline their logistics and make the most of their conference or convention.

A Successful Event With Trackable Metrics

Activity Sales



Total Sales

I have used other registration products in the past.

Bandwango was better by far.

– Jan Boyer, Meeting Planner

For the Job’s Daughters Conference, the Davis Convention Center was a clear choice for planners. Using the Bandwango platform’s trackable metrics, they were able to determine the success of the conference based on registrations, interactions, RSVPs and swag sold.

Overall, the Job’s Daughters attendees were impressed with the site’s exceptional user interface. Combining the traditional registration site with bookable activities during the week of the conference allowed attendees to plan their trip ahead of time and maximize their experience. Conversely, planners were able to rest assured their logistics were organized and track their progress using a single tool.

Providing an Effortless User Experience for the Attendees of Job’s Daughters Convention

For the Job’s Daughter Convention in [insert month/year], Davis Conference Center partnered with meeting planners and the Bandwango Destination Experience Engine (DXE), to create a single site for attendees to use throughout the conference. 

Attendees enjoyed a streamlined look and feel on the site and were able to register, find information about the event and more, all through Bandwango’s system which mimicked the conference brand, creating a consistent and customized experience across platforms.

The platform’s added benefits including the ability to find details on the meals provided, photos of the swag available for purchase and descriptions of the tours offered provided attendees with an idea of what to expect and maximized their anticipation for the conference. 

Streamlining Meeting Planner Logistics

It was slick…

– Jan Boyer, Meeting Planner

For the Job’s Daughters meeting planners, the goals were simple. They needed a one-stop system that combined registration with meals and tours. 

The flexibility of the Bandwango platform allowed the site to be responsive to multiple registration costs depending on the date attendees registered. It also allowed for trackable reports with detailed attendee lists and RSVPs on tours and meals. 

Using the Bandwango reporting function, the meeting planners could pull reports easily. With minute-by-minute access to registration lists, meal RSVPs and tour groups, planners were able to add more space to tours and meals when necessary or cancel them when they didn’t fill up. 

The meeting planners even saw an increase in the amount of swag purchased. This was easily attributed to attendees knowing they could return to the platform if they wished to make additional purchases once they knew their conference schedules were confirmed. 

The flexible payment option was another benefit for the Job’s Daughters Convention planners. Using Bandwango technology, the event was paid out weekly, but monthly options are also available. 

Choosing Bandwango to Facilitate for Your Next Conference 

Davis Conference Center utilizes Bandwango technology because of efficiency, but also because Bandwango’s fees are comparable to other popular event ticketing platforms with far more features for meeting planners to choose from. Unlike popular ticketing sites, with the Bandwango DXE, event planners have the ability to streamline their logistics and tailor their attendee experiences in a variety of ways.  

The partnership between Davis Conference Center and Bandwango allows for exemplary customer service. With Bandwango’s support team available to make adjustments to the system, the platform is capable of simplifying meeting planner’s lives and creating a simple, responsive tool for attendees.

Learn more about how Bandwango DXE can support your next conference by clicking the Contact button below.