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When the United States and Canada shut down their borders in early March the immediate impact on the tourism industry was clear. As vacations were cancelled and refunds were processed, the tourism industry took a hard look at what recovery would feel like. Traveler sentiments were disheartening at times, and it felt like the quarantine would never end. 

However, during all of this, many visionary clients reached out to Bandwango at various stages of their recovery. From the initial days that were spent brainstorming ways to help restaurants stay afloat to later shifts of annual events into virtual spaces, Bandwango has been powering tourism solutions throughout various stages of recovery. 

“The flexibility of our technology has been a key factor in crafting solutions that saw DMOs, Chambers of Commerce and Associations through quarantine. Now, those same solutions are transitioning their destinations into the new normal.

Proving economic impact became a necessity for so many organizations beginning in March, and I’m really proud of the role Bandwango plays in that conversation. Our biggest strength lies in proving that our clients are an essential part of stimulating local economies and keeping local businesses running.

This was such a difficult time for so many people, and I’ve been really impressed with the creativity, hard work and focus of our clients and the Bandwango team. With the challenges that COVID-19 has presented to the travel and tourism industry, watching our clients persevere and introduce into market innovative programs has really highlighted the strength of the tourism industry. I’m really proud to have Bandwango be a part of it.”

-Mo Parikh, CEO, Bandwango

We’re reaching a critical point in recovery where many DMOs are looking towards new budget cycles, working with smaller teams and trying to guess what the new normal will look like. While no one can guess what will happen next year or even next month, Bandwango wanted to take a step back and celebrate our clients and their accomplishments during this incredibly hard time.

Overall Statistics 

From May 1 to September 1, Bandwango signed 50 new clients

With those clients came 1,140 new merchants into the Bandwango network

From May 1 to September 1, Bandwango launched 59 new passes

Client initiatives launched from May 1 to September 1 drove 45,702 sign-ups

Those initiatives also accounted for 1,024 passes sold

Client initiatives that launched from May 1 to September 1 generated $63,502 in transactional revenue

May Launches


Heart of Willamette Winery Passport

The Heart of Willamette Winery Passport has been a paper initiative in years past, but this year Heart of Willamette Winery Association teamed up with Visit Corvallis to launch the tasting pass on Bandwango’s mobile platform. The association’s annual fundraiser entered the market at an interesting time. During COVID-19 their goals were to exceed last year’s sales and support wineries during this difficult time. They accomplished both! 

  • 183 passports sold
  • 551 redemptions
  • $5,490 generated in revenue

The association has been so impressed with the ease of use and sales that they’ve extended the life of the 2020 passport until December. They’ve also decided to launch a second season of the passport which will begin in 2021! 

June Launches


Iowa State Park Passport

Bandwango’s first state tourism client, Travel Iowa, contracted the platform in March 2020 as a solution for celebrating the 100th anniversary of their state park system, in partnership with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. The Iowa State Park Passport showcases more than 60 state parks and incentivizes locals and visitors to get outdoors with friends and family.

  • 13,094 sign-ups
  • 23,295 check-ins
  • 8,462 marketing opt-ins

“In a very short period of time, Bandwango has completely elevated all that is possible for Travel Iowa and the level of value we deliver to our partners.” – Amy Zeigler, Digital Marketing Manager, Travel Iowa

Read the full case study here

July Launches


Fraser, Colorado’s Mountain Mural Walk

Fraser, Colorado’s Mountain Mural Festival couldn’t take place this year like it normally would, but that didn’t mean it had to be cancelled altogether… Bandwango powered their digital solution, the Fraser Mountain Mural Walk, which featured a guide to the 20 murals along the walk with check-ins along the route. 

  • 20 murals
  • 443 sign-ups
  • 3,538 check-ins at murals along the walk
  • 415 votes captured for most popular murals

“The Fraser Mountain Mural Festival was a huge success the previous year and we wanted to continue the event and provide the community with a fun safe event and a sense of normalcy during COVID-019,” Sarah Wieck said. “By adjusting the layout of the event, spreading it out throughout town, and using Bandwango to engage the event-goers, it proved to be an even bigger success than 2019. The businesses all had record sales and the participants loved the gamification aspect of the event.”

August Launches


Experience Grand Rapids Restaurant Week

Grand Rapids Restaurant Week switched gears this year with a digital passport powered by Bandwango. Diners could use the pass to check in at participating restaurants for dine in or carry out, but the real kicker was that diners would receive a return visit coupon at every restaurant they checked into!

  • 59 participating restaurants
  • 2,300 digital passport sign-ups
  • 1,083 check-ins 
  • 121 free foodie prizes earned

Best of all, the client surveyed passholders at the end of the week to determine how they felt about the pass. 94% of people surveyed enjoyed using the new Restaurant Week GR Digital Pass and 99% of people planned to return to use their digital passport. 

These statistics were also shared here

A huge congratulations goes to our clients who have worked so hard these past few months. If you’re a DMO inspired by these passes, reach out and schedule a demo. We’re excited to keep aiding local economies through this tough time and showing that DMOs are an integral part of all communities.