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Convention Attendee Benefits Software Solution

Convention Attendee Passports

Traditional “show your badge” programs are inflexible, cumbersome for the attendee, and provide zero data on utilization and economic impact. Develop curated benefit packages tailored to every convention by exposing “best of city” themed packages including bars, restaurants and attractions. We make it easy to elevate attendee experience and impact your local economy’s bottom line.

White Label Solution

Customize passes to perfectly match convention branding and audience

Utilization Data

Track merchant and attendee interactions, in real-time, to understand economic impact

Dynamic Offers

Drive merchant traffic by updating existing and extending new offers to attendees

Sponsor Channel

Seamlessly present sponsor content directly in the passport

Dedicated Communication

Automated offers and communication triggers keep attendees engaged throughout the event

Instant Access

Digital passports are distributed through email and text and are available instantly on attendees phones without requiring a download

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