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My name is Mo Parikh and I’m the CEO of Bandwango, a travel technology startup with offices in Salt Lake City, Utah and Portland, Oregon check this. I’m very excited to be attending our first DMAI conference in Austin.

Here, we will introduce you to an array of easy-to-use technology that can help you create and manage destination passes of all types: multi-attraction passes, single-event passes, dining passes and novelty coupons to name a few.

I’ve been traveling and exploring all of my life – from cross-country road trips to snowboarding adventures, I have visited every state in the US (except Alaska and Hawaii), as well as many countries abroad. Everyday, I grow more intrigued by how technology is enabling real world experiences. The question for our industry is how can we better utilize technology to make visiting new and familiar places easier and more fulfilling?

Hence, Bandwango was born.

Our mission is simple: improve the visitor experience through mobile solutions in every destination in the world. That’s where you, the innovative DMO’s, come in. We are a software company designed to serve you, so that you can better serve your visitors. Our first product is called the Connect Pass and I look forward to connecting with you.

To a bright and mobile friendly future!

Mo Parikh
CEO, Bandwango