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Connect Pass Feature Comparison

Many OTAs and private label booking engines do a great job of getting the visitor to your destination, but that’s when their service drops off.

Bandwango’s motto is that our service starts at the ticket sale. We are exclusively focused on improving your visitor’s experience once they have arrived at your destination how to reduce weight fast. That’s why we have strategically decided NOT to play in the lodging and transportation game and only focus our efforts on activities and engaging the connected traveler. We focus on improving their experience – through a fully branded experience and through relevant engagement.

  1. Most visitors are OK with planning their travel and lodging in advance, but when it comes to their activities they often want to have flexibility to choose when they get there. Our destination software give your visitors that type of flexibility due to the high level of customization possible. Here are two example use cases (there are essentially an unlimited number possible using our technology) on what I mean:
    (1) Multi-attraction passes: see an example of how Visit Salt Lake is using our technology to sell multi-attraction passes. These are 1-day, 2-day, 3-day, or 365-day passes that provide the visitor admission into 13 attractions over the course of the number of days purchased. This give the visitor great flexibility to buy a pass and not have to decide where they want to go on the spot.
    (2) A la carte passes: allow the customer to purchase a single pass that has, let’s say, 10 activities available. Out of those 10 activities, they can choose any 5. Again, the visitor now has great flexibility to choose what they want to do when they get there.
  2. YOU are in control. You know your visitors better than anyone, so we put the power in your hands to specifically target any demographic or psychographic by building customized package using the inventory that’s been loaded into our system by your merchant partners. It’s as easy as drag-and-drop.
  3. You can create private label sales for groups and conventions through our system. You can generate unique checkout links that give the group access to an exclusive marketplace and customize the checkout site specifically for them.
  4. Our group sales tools allow you to handle group sales automatically from the checkout page – no need to incur the administrative costs of managing group sales internally anymore. It’s all handled by our destination marketing technology – from special pricing for groups to pass distribution.
  5. The passes we create maintain your brand integrity and make it extremely convenient for the visitor to manage all of their activities during their stay in one single mobile pass. Our competitors send printable vouchers for each activity to the visitor’s inbox – requiring them to dig through emails just to find their admission tickets.